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    Maximum Shape Sizes in Authoring Environment ("Invalid Size & Position" Error)

    jessesternberg Level 1

      If you draw a square and continually make it larger & larger via manually entering the width or height, eventually you will encounter the "Invalid Size & Position" error. However, if you use the Free Transform Tool to move or scale an object, you never get this error. What exactly is the "maximum" position and size, and why do these not affect the Free Transform Tool?


      Additionally, the authoring stage will grow to accomodate whatever you place within it, up until a certain limit. If you place an object beyond this limit you will not be able to scroll to view it. However, when the SWF is run, it is entirely posible to move the parent object such that "unreachable" objects are visible.


      It seems like these limit are completely arbitrary and inconsistent. What is the rationale behind them? And what, exactly, are the limits? I'm working on a side scrolling game that involves creating large levels and am constantly running into these limits. It seems like these limits were imposed for the sole purpose of encouraging me to develop on any platform besides flash.



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          AttaBoy2 Level 4

          This is what I found:

          In FP 10, bitmaps are no longer restricted to a max size of 2880x2800.  Now
          they can be 4096*4096 with a max of 8192 for any dimension.

          Flash authoring has always, and still, restricts the stage size to 2880x2880.  

          You've probably noticed the ability to have stuff offstage is cool for tweening like this http://www.cybermountainwebservices.com/

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            jessesternberg Level 1

            Thanks, but I'm not talking about the published stage size (in "Document Properties"). Im talking about the area you have to draw in while in authoring mode. It looks to be a little bigger than 6400x6400. Even if you manage to get something outside this area visible (I've been able to do this by zooming in and out) you can't use any drawing tool outside of this region (the cursor just remains an arrow).


            This restriction doesn't make any sense to me though, since you can still move objects outside of this region.


            The other limitation I was questioning was the size of shapes & MovieClips. If you try to make a really huge rectangle by manually entering the width & height, you'll get the "invalid size & position" error. However the Transform Tool does not enforce this limit - you can make things as huge as you want.


            So why are there these loosly enforced limits that can easily be broken yet still make authoring large objects a huge pain? I wish Adobe's documentation had some discussion of them.