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    missing program files


      so im trying to export my project and it says its missing files...then it tries to download files and only gets to about 8 percent then it stops... what can i do?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This is a well known problem.  In order for the download to get past 8%, you'll have to use a Linux machine.  There is a particular bug in both Windows and Mac OS that prevents the download from getting past the 8% mark.


          Now, not many people use Linux on the desktop these days, so you might think that you're screwed.  Have heart, the Linux operating system is totally free.  Anyone can download it and install it without paying any money, and this is totally legal.  There are several 'flavors' of Linux.  One of the most popular these days is Ubuntu.  I myself am partial to SuSE Linux.  Red Hat is another big distro.


          You'll have to partition your current System drive so you can create what's called a dual-boot installtion.  This will allow you to boot into Linux so you can complete the download.  Then burn that to a DVD, reboot into Windows, and install the update.