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    Datalist Item Selection

    monkamoo Level 1

      I have a simple datalist with scrolling capability.  Each item in the datalist represents a various product category.  I modified each repeating item with dummy data for design purposes.  Separately, I have developed filters for each respective category to allow a user to find what they are looking for based on desired features.  These filters are not to be visible before the user selects one of the repeated items in the datalist.  How do I link up the repeated items (which are the product categories) to the filters (which are separate components)?  For instance, when the user selects a product category in the datalist, I want the datalist to close (which I am able to do), and I want the respective filter for that category to become visible (which I cannot figure out how to do at the moment)? Can this be done in FC, or must it be done in FB?  Thanks in advance.  Don