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    Datalist item reset?


      I developed a datalist that opens and closes via a drop down box.  The drop down arrow works perfectly with good transitions to open and closed states.  I also edited the datalist "on selection" interaction so that when a user clicks on one of the datalist items, the datalist goes into its closed state as well.  However, when it reopens, the item that was previously selected is still highlighted.  It would be nice if the datalist highlight "resets" itself and loses the selected highlight after a user selects one of its items.  I know you can modify the repeated item so that the default highlight is the same as the datalist background color, but that does not solve the problem either.  If this is done, when the datalist reopens, the hover highlight does not work when you hover over the previosuly selected item.  This is because the item is still selected in the datalist.  Thanks, Don

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          Currently you are not able to make the "reset" on the selected item via Catalyst. For that you would have to bring it into FB and write a bit of code to reset selected index. The bit of code should be as simple as setting one of these two properties: selectedItems, selectedIndices to null on the List instance at the appropiate time (ie: in the function that hides your list).


          Hope that helps.