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    how to show the dialogs in Indesign?


      hi to all,

      I tried these script to show the dialogs but it doesn't work at all!



      //for(var i=0;i<app.dialogs.length;i++)


      //     app.dialogs[i].destroy();               //These also i tried//

      var myDialog = app.dialogs.add({name:"Simple Dialog"});
      //Add a dialog column.
      staticTexts.add({staticLabel:"This is a very simple dialog box."});
      //Show the dialog box.
      var myResult = myDialog.show();
      //If the user clicked OK, display one message;
      //if they clicked Cancel, display a different message.
      if(myResult == true){
      alert("You clicked the OK button.");
      alert("You clicked the Cancel button.");
      //Remove the dialog box from memory.

      i also attaced this script with this forum...

      help me...