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    how to get object attribute by string attribute name?




      I'm trying to get an object attribute from my created object via a string.


      For example


      var obj:Object = new Object;

      obj.param1 = "hello"

      obj.param2 = "world"


      obviously I can get the params by going


      str:String = obj.param1;


      however I'd like to get tit by a string. e.g:


      findingStr:String = "param1"


      str:String = obj.[findingStr]; //some syntax to get the attribute out


      I know you can detect if the object has the attribute by a string, but can someone please tell me how to reference the attribute by the string?



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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          This seems to do the trick:



          <?xml version="1.0"?>
          private function init():void{
          var obj:Object = new Object;obj.param1 = 
          "hello";obj.param2 = 
          var findingStr:String = "param1"
          var str:String = obj[findingStr]; txt.text = str;
          <mx:TextArea id="txt"/></mx:Application>

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