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    Scene based animation is good or not

    flashfever Level 1

      Hi,  I am working on small 30 minute presentation in flash for a company. But i am unable to decide that how should i divide the video in scene or normally on layer. Which is suitable for me. Plz help me  Thanks advance

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          AttaBoy2 Level 4

          I've never heard anyone recommend using scenes.  MovieClips are good.

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            flashfever Level 1

            Thanks,  but i want to know what is the use of scene in flash.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Scenes are an old feature of Flash that may have some use for frame by frame play, but can become troublesome when they are involved in designs that have navigation.  Because they exist as a design option, they often end up being used in new designs by people who haven't yet had to deal with the problems they can create.


              The negative attitude towards scenes prevails mainly because they are often troublesome to get working with navigation code.  Coding to navigate scenes is straightforward and simple to implement, but it just doesn't always work as advertised.


              When you compile a file, all scenes are combined into one continuous timeline anyways, so the utility of them is primarily for the designer's sake of providing a way to keep different sections of content in segregated portions.  So the role of scenes is likely primarily that... to provide the designer with a way to have content divided into sections that can be accessed for editing individually.


              Scenes probably add value for animators who do not use code to control naigation, but simply play thru an entire series of frames one after another.  You could have different animated scenes to more easily identify sections if editing needs to be done.


              For many who work with coded navigation between sections, and have fought getting scenes to work, the preferred choices are to either use one scene with things spread along one timeline, or to use movieclips as sectional elements.

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