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    Multiple Bones Help


      Dear Forum Goers,


      I am new to flash cs4 and I so far love it! BUT, I can not figure out how to do what I want to do with a simple test project.


      Here is the low down on it. I want to create a simple crane arm that has a ball and chain attached to it.


      The arm is in four pieces a lower arm which has two bars and an upper arm which has two bars. The chain (which looks like a bar) is another piece and a ball (which is the circle) is another part. I want to have the two upper bars on the lower and upper arm have a pivot point and the same for the lower section of the arm also have a pivot point. I want the upper arm to have a single connection point between the two bars where the chain would meet and I want to have pivot points on the ends of the lower arms bars where it connects to the "control box". Attached is what I have scribbled together and also attached is a photo that highlights in pink circles where I want pivot points. I want to use bones for this because that is what I think I am suppose to use but if there is a better way to do it please fill me in.


      The files are located at





      If none or part of this is confusing please tell me and I will rewrite it.



      C, NFT