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    How to read data of controls in tabbar on mouseover event


      I am using tabbar control wich have few canvas as child. Now if I fill some value in some field of canvas and switch to some different tab and now take my mouse back to previous tab I should be able to display the field information in tooltip of the tab.


      See my code below.





      Binder="{intViewStack}" id="isToolbar"






      id="intViewStack" left="0" right="200" bottom="0" top="100">


      <canvas:ISSummaryForm id="summaryForm" name="Summary" label="Summary" height="100%" width="100%" dataSource="{_model.CurrentInvention}" />


      <canvas:ISProgramForm id="programForm" name="Program/Project" label="Program/Project" height="100%" width="100%" borderColor="#000000" backgroundAlpha="0.0" alpha="1.0" dataSource="{_model.CurrentInvention}"/>


      <canvas:ISDisclosureForm id="incentiveForm" name="Disclosure/Use" label="Disclosure/Use" height="100%" width="100%"/>





      <canvas:ISInventorsForm id="inventorsForm" name="Inventors" label="Inventors" height="100%" width="100%" dataSource="{_model.CurrentInvention}"







      <canvas:ISEvaluationForm id="evaluationForm" name="Evaluation" label="Evaluation" height="100%" width="100%"






      Now here each canvas has few fileds and grid on it. I want to display the value of these fields  on mouseover on tabbar tooltip . Can some one suggest some solution?

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          leybniz Level 4

          I see you have a base class for all your forms IS%something%Form am I right? if not you sould have it and

          implement general public function there something like:


          public function getSummaryTooltip():String {

               return 'Filled fields summary';



          each time you mouseover the button you could find out the button index in the CsTabBar, use the same index

          to find out appropriate viewstack child and get your summary tooltip out of it.