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    RH 8 still slow after recommended fixes

    RightOar Level 1

      Hi all,


      I hate to pick an ol' bone, but I'm testing a RH 8 trial download and I'm having some of the same issues that I've seen addressed in the forum. My main concern is the sluggish response in Project Manager in opening topics. I've tried adding the BaseCSS_res.dll file to the en_us folder (unfortunately no euphoria effect) , renaming the cpd file, and I've moved the test environment to my local network. I should mention that I'm experiencing the slowness in a copied project from RH 6. The project is on the small side (571 topics, contains some expanding hotspots, and lots of image maps), however the repsonse in RH 6 is still snappy.


      I have noticed that the first few topics open with bearable speed, but the more topics I open, the slower it becomes. Must be caught in a loop somewhere - any ideas?


      Thanks in advance!