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    AME - Windows Media export, default templates and non-square pixels


      In Adobe Media Encoder the default Windows Media export templates have non-square Pixel Aspect Ratio.  In Windows Media Player 9, if you play AME's wmvs with non-square pixels all you get is a vertical line a few pixels wide (though they play fine in WMP10 & 11).


      There is definitely a problem with non-square pixels.


      Using AME, if you create a PAL wmv (720x576 with DV PAL P.A.R.) you get the display problem in WMP9, whereas a D-1 PAL wmv (768x576 with square P.A.R.) will display fine.  If you encode the same content with exact the same settings (codec, resolution, etc) with Microsoft's Windows Media 9 Encoder, the resultant output plays fine regardless of the P.A.R!


      One for you chaps at Adobe I think:

      • If Windows Media Encoder can create WMP9 compatible wmvs, why can't Adobe Media Encoder?
      • or if there is a problem with non-square PARs, then why is it an option on export - remove it until it is fixed?


      Any support would be greatly appreciated.

      Edmund Barton



      I'm using Prem 4.1 with AME 4.1 against Windows ME 9.  WMP9 is the base player we have to support, so upgrading all the players isn't a option.