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    Emdedded Video with End Credits


      I am trying to make a video to embed into my webpage.

      I am completely new to flash and only have the limited knowledge from using Flash Help. I am using version Flash 8.

      I have created my credits in flash by tweening shape in a zoom effect and have imported my wmv video.

      My video is showing in frame 1 only (displaying elapsed time as 0.0s) and my credits show in 34 frames (2-35), so when I play my video only the credits play as if the movie is not there. The movie is too long to deploy using the "Embed video in SWF and display in timeline" option when I import.  I have tried both the progressive and flash communication server options.

      Am I missing a stage somewhere that is preventing the video from playing?

      May or may not be connected, but also my movie player is not displaying on the stage underneath my credits.

      Any help or tips would be appreciated.