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    Media offline


      When I re-open a project, my timeline media is offline.  Not all of it, just some.  To get it back I have to re-link with the video and titles in the bins.  Also, every once in a while and for no reason, my timeline will begin to scroll by itself and will re-populate the timeline with the missing media.  Any idea as to why this is occuring.  My equipment is:


                             (1) X38 Chipset Motherboard DDR2 2 PCIe x 16, 3 PCIe 2 PCI

                             (1) Intel Quad core Processor 0Ced to 3.0G

                             (1) PNY Quadro FX1700 512MB PCIe HDTV video card

                             (5) Seagate 500G 32Meg SataII Perpendicular TWO RAIS 0 Array

                                  Running XP Pro