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    Sprite Pop Out from my location and move to another location (Games)

    Zoel Fikr

      i need another tutor about this, this is urgently needed i cannot figure how script can do this.

      you know Feeding Frenzy games?
      i want to make the poin pop out from the charachter location and then move to the score (text field)location at the top location and when the poin sprite hit the score board (collide) it will add the global score of course it will update too the text inside score field.

      i saw the vector motion and follow other sprite behaviour at director library but i think that too complex for me. Is everyone have simple trick behaviour to make popout poin and move to another loc?


      i think a behaviour will have a property like:
      myCharacterLocation (that move everywhere when mouse move)
      myDestinationLocation (my score text field location)
      myVector (a degree that compare between myCharacterLocation and myDestinationLocation)


      so when mycharacter collide with something the poin will pop up from myCharacterLocation to myDestinationLocation with reference from myVector movement, is that right? or maybe that is another property like how far mydestination and will stop if arrive at final location as we know the score text field location.

      please help me because i like the poin when character collide with something and pop out at character location that move with different location and update the score when poin hit(collide) with score field (please see a Feeding Frenzy games at GameHouse.com)

      this skrip will usefull with every games and everyone who wants to make "cool" games like that.