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    ARB - States as Language Tag

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      ARB - States as Language Tag


      ARB - States as Language Tag


      when you say there's confusion with the current implementation, have you actually had a lot of mention from dev’s that there IS a confusion, or is this sort of assumed and more of a thought exercise? I’m only asking as I see statements like this often and wonder where you get the information from. I for one have certainly never been asked J (and this is something I here other dev’s say)


      I personally don’t see the confusion, but of course will bow to the general consensus.


      I sometimes worry that changes will be made for a perceived ease of use or understanding at the expense of having things more formally correct and forward looking. I’m not particularly talking about this instance exactly, just a general message. The message being “don’t let ‘ease of understanding’ be a consideration over other reasoning. Generally speaking I’d always rather decisions lean towards performance, consistency and basically any reason other than ‘well, developers will find it easier to understand’ Don’t worry about us poor programmers, lol, we’ll pick it up. ;-)


      There is of course always a case for clarity, but generally the right answer for reasons other than having the SDK simple to use, is often one that has clarity as a by-product.


      I know that marketing would be over the moon if you could tell them that anyone can pick up the SDK and knock out a killer app but at the end of the day development is a little difficult and we shouldn’t be worried about that being the case.


      This isn’t a moan just a point I wanted to make for a while. Don’t let use of use be a top reason for doing anything (apart from designing GUIs!)


      or am i just worried you’ll be too good, make it super easy, fast and perfect and I’ll be out of a job.... lol




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          ps - please note the light hearted nature of my post

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            In this particular case we did some user studies and this was one of the pieces of feedback.  It didn't apply to everyone, and as you can see from the notes our recommendation is to do nothing.  As you have seen from other issues, we do believe in the importance of ease of understanding, though we try not to place it so far above "correctness" that we would do something that others would see as wrong.  However, when there are gray areas, I think we do try to make sure that folks can figure out what they need to do without having to look everything up.  We have to strike a balance, sometimes correctness makes things more toolable, but it can also make things harder to read quickly.  Sometimes correctness is more verbose and causes performance issues when 80% of the time you didn't need that.  So it's all about finding the right balance.  We hope that you guys can keep paying attention and help us do that



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              As I said in my post. Just more of a 'please dont' than a 'hey stop!'