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    Copy title from 1 project to another

    bonalymac999 Level 1

      I'm working on a 70 minute school show at the moment. The kids did a production of Wizard of Oz, and since the school was unable to choose between two Dorothys, there were two separate versions each with a different lead performer.


      The kids taking part range in age from 5 to 12, and because of their age, we took the decision to put all their names on the credits at the end. With stage crew, lighting, design, costume, actors etc, this is a huge clip, and ends up almost 120 seconds long (we also deliberately made it quite slow so the kids could see their own names). The titles play out over the last song of the show which features the entire cast, and so needs a transparent background.


      Ideally, I wanted to create two versions of the titles, with the only change being the lead performer. Because of the various categories of performer/helper, the text is quite complex, adn there is quite a bit of text formatting to do, so I was hoping to avoid cut & paste. I stupidly assumed I could create a title in one project and simply use it (with the one amend) in the other project, but this doesn't appear to be possible. Likewise, exporting a movie doesn't work, as the black background is not transparent in the imported movie in project 2.


      Any suggestions as to how to get round this problem would be welcome.





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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Did you try File>Export>Title ?

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            bonalymac999 Level 1

            Wow, That's fast. Thanks for such a prompt reply. But, don't be silly, that's far too obvious an answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            Hadn't even spotted that one. I had tried exporting as a Movie, but didn't even spot that as an option.


            That's was EXACTLY the answer I wanted and needed. Thanks a million. Not only a quick (very quick) answer but 120% accurate as well.






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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I agree that it's not quite as intuitive as it could be. I have to search for it, when needed. In PrPro (PE's big brother), it's Save_As_Template, and is right up "front." Still, the result is the same - Title on file on system for later use.


              Another workflow would be to create your Titles in Photoshop/PSE, using File>New and choosing the appropriate Preset, say DV-NTSC 720x480 4:3 PAR 0.9. These can easily be Imported into PE and used just as a still image would be. I use .PSD's to keep the quality as high as is possible. There are also many more Styles and Filters, that can be applied in PS, and one can also easily use Vector images from Illustrator.


              For big titling jobs, I do them all in PS and just Import as stills. In PrPro, I can even Import with the Layers separate and animate those, as I choose.


              Titler is the easier way to do it, and Paul gave you the necessary instructions. I just wanted to mention an alternative, should you ever find that you need it.


              Good luck,




              PS I keep filing Freature Requests with Adobe to allow the Import of the Title files (.PRTL's) into Photoshop. No luck so far.

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                bonalymac999 Level 1

                Hi Hunt


                Thanks for another helpful response.


                It wasn't obvious (ish) and I should probably have found it. Help files are great when you know exactly what the "item you are looking for is called. My PrEl book was no use either. But I had a list of about 120 kids to work with, and didn't want to re-create that so the answer was a big help.


                Elements was not good for working in such a big title though. Initially I had started to create a title file for each little group of actors, dancers or crew, but got messy to co-ordinate the timings and keeps the scroll speeds the same, so I combined it into one large title, but it was a poor editor to use (I appreciate that my title was a bit more complex than it was designed for). I created the text in Word and then pasted, then applied styles. Got there in the end. (Had difficulty saving a new style as it would not "keep" the font size as part of the style tho!


                So I was interested in your thoughts on PS. I have PS CS3, so I just opened it, tried creating one saved as PSD. First one I forgot to make the background transparent, but next one worked perfectly. Bit of motion, and the scrolling title was perfect.


                That's an obvious alternative, and much appreciated as it's easier to work with. So big thanks.


                Just out of interest, I looked at the cost of Pro. Ouch!!!!!


                Thanks again. Really appreciated the help from Paul and you. It's a great resource to have when you’re stuck. I try not to ask straight away, as it's better to learn for yourself, but I need to finish these shows for the kids, so the help was essential.




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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I use PS pretty much as you describe. I edit my Titles' text in Word/WordPerfect and just Copy/Paste. I really need the spellcheck function. I also like the array of Filters and Styles, though keep my credit Titles straightforward. It's the main Title and opening credits that I get to go wild on. Closing credits are almost always Arial Bold with good Leading and also Tracking. I also use Keyframing for most of my Motion>Position Effects to create a scroll, exactly as I want it. In a few cases, I've had scrolls, that I wanted to basically move up to full-screen and then hold, move up to the next full screen and again hold. Takes some time, but works perfectly.


                  I do agree about PrPro's cost. Luckily, I got the entire Production Studio via an upgrade from full CS2 Creative Suite Premium, so I saved a bundle and got Encore (used to be a separate program), AE, and some others. The Production Studio package also offered the early Adobe Dynamic Link, which has matured in later versions.


                  As to why your Styles were not holding, sorry but I don't have a clue. Maybe there is some little setting, or a condition, that others can help with.


                  Here's an ARTICLE on Titles, that might offer some tips. It's written for Encore and DVD Titles, but most applies directly to any video Title.


                  Good luck,