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    Trouble exporting for Dreamweaver, nothing interactive worked...

    ever so frustrated Level 1

      I was so excited to learn about Fireworks' great features, and have a task of building a website... all on my own for the first time.

      In Fireworks, I managed to lay out a page and built buttons and had some pop up menus working. Everything looked great in the "preview in browser" and all. But when trying to export it to Dreamweaver, i got some disturbing messages, and i don't know what to do now.

      first message:

      "Only slice images from the current state will be included in this export. Hotspot and behavior attributes will be ignored."


      and then

      file Machintosh HD: Applications: Adobe Fireworks CS4: Configuration: HTML Code: CssLayers.htt, line 1401, error: test for equality(==) mistyped as assignment (=)?

      Assuming equality test


      Can someone please help me? I am so discouraged!



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          Panos Zygopoulos

          Make sure you export your work like "html an images" and not "css and images" .

          In dreamweaver insert it as a fireworks html .

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            ever so frustrated Level 1

            Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! That worked!

            You are so kind to take the time to help!

            Please know that your kindness is very very very much appreciated!


            I have a lot more work to do, making other pages and don't know how to use Dreamweaver either. But am way behind schedule and hope to make it all work in Fireworks, which I just spent the past few days learning. I'm accustomed to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and i feel overwhelmed with so much i don't know about the web stuff!

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              Something that really helped me was to create a FW Html slice.  What I did, was create the basic layout in FW and then added a HTML slice in FW so I could edit the rest in DW.  BE CAREFUL that you stay in proportion with your original design or it will stretch the layout in DW!

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                ever so frustrated Level 1

                Thank you for the advice, I am so eager to communicate with people that use this software!

                Designing for web is so foreign to me!!! I've been trying to learn through tutorials, but i don't have any books yet.

                Could you please explain (or point me to an explanation) of what you mean about how the slices you make in your Fireworks layout actually work in Dreamweaver? The way I get the gist of it is that if you manually make slices, that will create a division on your page, like a placeholder, right?


                What about overlapping things on webpages? I have not found anything that explains what i can or cannot do about that?

                And, when I manually make a slice, Fireworks labels it as a foreground image. But what if I want something to overlap that? is it possible?


                And now i also wonder if i should move this to a new discussion, since that first post did work when i tried it with one page and the rollover buttons. I'm nervous now about actually having it work when i try to output multiple working pages.


                I am so thankful for this forum!

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                  pixlor Level 4

                  Hey there!


                  If you are new to Web site creation, then here is an excellent tutorial for you to work though:


                  Sitepoint also has good reference pages for HTML and CSS. Actually...tons of good stuff!

                  Another good site is HTML Dog: http://www.htmldog.com/


                  For books, I have the first edition of this book: http://www.sitepoint.com/books/css2/  and it's a good one.

                  I also recommend http://www.cookwood.com/html6ed/ (Although, once again, I'm a version behind current. )


                  HTML is a way of marking up a document into text elements, such as paragraphs, headings, and lists. If you're used to InDesign, you may think (even unconsciously) that you can use Fireworks or Dreamweaver as a document layout tool for the Web. You can't, really. HTML is markup, not layout. You can't make HTML and CSS do what you can do with InDesign without a fair bit of experience pushing HTML and CSS into doing things they aren't necessarily intended to do. Before you can do that, you need to understand what they are intended to do.


                  Also, while Fireworks can export HTML, its code is only intended to be used for mockups. The code isn't robust and you can't add content to it very well without making the structure break. The pop-up menus are quite troublesome. Fireworks code is also very ugly and difficult to maintain - when something goes wrong, you need to be able to dig in and fix it. It's easier when you have clean code. The better approach is to use Fireworks to create your design graphically, make slices to export the sections of that design that need to be images, then build your site in Dreamweaver or a text editor. In order to do that, you should understand HTML and CSS.


                  Yes, you can overlap things on Web pages. Again, however, you would need to understand how CSS works, because you would use CSS positioning on an element to overlap it with something else and there are tricks and bugs (due to browser variations) that you would need to master before you wanted to attempt such a thing. Start with the SitePoint tutorial. Once you can build a site like that, then move forward.


                  You'll need to learn about CSS floats: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/05/01/css-float-theory-things-you-should-know/ (tons of good stuff at Smashing Magazine) and http://www.autisticcuckoo.net/archive.php?id=2004/12/10/floating

                  and CSS positioning: http://www.barelyfitz.com/screencast/html-training/css/positioning/


                  Good luck!

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                    ever so frustrated Level 1

                    Wow, thanks so much for taking time to help me!


                    I was feeling so happy because i can use Fireworks and got stuff to work. But now feeling like i'd better hurry up and learn how to get the site built in Dreamweaver with CSS, but it all sounds so complicated.


                    I'm going to check out the tutorials you pointed me to and hoping that i can catch on quickly.


                    I have a Dreamweaver CS3 Visual Quickstart Guide book. But i was hoping that CS4 might be even easier to use. But I guess nothing is going to work like i'm used to with InDesign.  I have some pages "mocked up" in InDesign already. I am way past my first deadline and feeling almost back to square one now.


                    Please, feel free to give me any other good advice. I'm feeling so lost and don't have anybody to talk to about this.


                    I have a lot of questions.

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                      pixlor Level 4

                      You're gonna be okay.


                      HTML is not that bad...it just looks kinda scary when you don't know anything about it. Go through the SitePoint tutorial (all 19 pages!) and you'll be in a much better position to build a site. Back in the 90s, people used to walk five miles to school, uphill, in the snow, both ways...er...I mean build Web sites with nothing but HTML. You can still build a nice site with HTML, but a little CSS makes it easier to get it looking pretty. Make that your goal. Nothing too fancy. Just good and solid.


                      I checked the table of contents on the DW CS3 Visual Quickstart Guide. It looks like it covers good info. Follow the SitePoint tutorial, first, using Notepad or some other text editor, so you aren't distracted by everything that's in Dreamweaver. Then crack open the Quickstart Guide and work your way through that. Like InDesign, Dreamweaver is a powerful program with lots of options. It's easier to use if you know what it is you're trying to do, design-wise, before you go hunting for the tool to do it.


                      When you get to working...there's a Dreamweaver forum here on the Adobe Forums, which would be especially good for specific "how do I do x in Dreamweaver?" Here: http://forums.adobe.com/community/dreamweaver/dreamweaver_general


                      There's also a forum at SitePoint that appears to be fairly active: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/index.php

                      You'd probably want to start under the Design Your Site section: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=40