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    link button to html website via Fc & quicktime movie as layer from PS




      Im at totall beginer (as in less than 1 week experience)with Flash and FlashCatalyst..(but I have many years of using adobe software esp photoshop)


      I serched the catalsy beta1 docs and nothing about how to link a button component to a "state" that has a html page in it..

      OR just to link a button so that when pressed a new html browser window pops up with the html file


      I guess that in beta1 of Fc you would have to create swf in flashPro (which I bought the adobe creative suite) and that will let me open a html file..


      Would I import this swf as a new state? or import the swf INTO a state (page)


      --What is the code(or how do I do it in flash pro) in my imported fla/swf file that would allow me to have a link to click to open a html page on the www


      I would like to do this for a few reasons and I will say in case someone can suggest a better way of doing it in Fc:


      1) just to have a button in Fc that will let me open a page say :www.adobe.com

      2) so I have state(page) in Fc that has an embeded flash video file in it.. I guess I can create a swf in flash pro that is my video file saved as a swf-then i import that swf as a state? or a element into maya state (page)

      3) so I can have a button in Fc that opens a html page I created  that has an embeded QUICKTIME movie in it


      --ALSO can I in photoshop cs4 create a VIDEO layer and that layer be recognised by Fc and play the video (ie quicktime movie)