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    Importing .GIF into Fc will not play the animated gif in output


      I imported a animated .gif  (attached video.gif) into Fc (of a sequence of pics I took saved as an animated .gif)


      It inported as a "bitmap image" and upon export to swf it did NOT show the .gif as an animated .gif but just shows the first frame..

      (It did not put this file into an assests folder...)


      So I converted the "bitmap image" into an optimaized graphic...and NOW it DOES put the original animated gif into the "assets" folder with a Graphic1.fxg and video.gif in that folder.. and If I open the gif in the assest folder it plays it as the animated .gif it is..


      BUT SADLY upon export to SWF it still DOES not play the gif as an animated gif.. just the first frame...


      Can I do anything in the code to tell the swf file that is exported to play the gif in the assest folder as an animated gif not just show the frame?


      I did the animated gif approach becasue I setup a photoshop cs4 file with a quicktime video as a layer and Fc only brought in the first frame of the quicktime layer..


      Could the next beta of Fc include the ability to import and play animated gifs as artwork as well AND/or to import Ps Cs4 video layers as videos


      So I would have to created a video page in flash pro and import that as a object? into a state?

      (no experience with flash pro but just bought cs4 and will try to learn FlashPro overweekend)

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          ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee

          Interesting. I don't think this is somethign you can do in Flash Catalyst. We have .GIF support in the Flash Player but I don't think you can use a GIF asset inside Catalyst. If you need that GIF to play you'll have to embed it using Flash Builder.


          But Flash Catalyst will support video version 1.0. I don't think you can turn arbitrary layers into "video" layers but you can bring in video files (like .FLV) and then attach components to behaviors (like play, stop, etc).