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    Reccuring glitches. Help!


      These glitches are happening so frequently that our project is about to go over budget! I'm going to actually ask my IT Dept to revert my machine back to Flash CS3. So my team can finish on time.


      Running on Windows XP Professional SP3

      Dell Precision 380 Workstation

      Pentium D, 3.0 GHz+2.99 GHz

      RAM: 2GB


      Adobe Production Production Premium:

      Flash is the only program I have any problem with in this edition of CS... here is a list of the most reccurant bugs that are severely impeding my workflow.


      1 - Crashes when: drilling into or out of symbols


      2 - Queing a frame for a graphic symbol to play starting at causes symbol to take on random color effects and even, somehow blending mode effects that can only be removed by turning symbol into a movie clip, setting blending mode to normal, then setting symbol BACK to graphic... sometimes this doesn't work either (sometimes nothing does).


      3 - Bounding Boxes bear no correlation to the shapes they surround. They are either set distantly within the object, far larger than the object actually is, or skewed off in one direction by several tens to hundreds of pixels.


      4 - Entering numeric values for position or scale does not actually apply, Flash instead places a different value that is close to but not quite exactly it. for example: I will enter the values of a null object to be H:240, W:320; X:0 Y:0 Flash will immediately (as I move from box to box) convert them to something like: H:238.633, W:321.222; X:-0.200, Y:0.566.


      5 - Distorts shapes of vectors for example... I will have a curve that is not recognized between two points. Flash draws a straight line between the two vertices. However when editing the curve with the vert handles, the outline of the proper shape is there... just that the fill will not show it.


      6 - Occaisionally scrubbing through the timeline causes a crash


      7 - Exporting PNGs of anything with transparency, exports huge black chunks around the edges.


      8 - Positions do not seem to actually corelate right, or maybe the rulers are not aligned to the stage properly... for example: I will try to center a 320x240 png or even vector null on a 320x240 stage. When the align tool, or numeric entries are used to center this object to the stage, there will often still be a 1-2 pixels wide offset between the stage and the object. I actually have to manually ofset the object to match the stage. The stage is still 320x240, but the coordinates are off. so once the object is finally centered, the final coordinates will read something like X: 2.1, Y: 3.0 instead of  (0, 0)


      Any thoughts? am I the only one who experiences these glitches? I am fully updated on all adobe software.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The only thing I can mention is that there was recently an update for Flash CS4 to address some of the numerous bugs with it.  I know you said you are fully updated, but I thought it was worth mentioning just in case.


          I've always found that Flash is a bit buggy with regards to item 4 in your list, though the magnitude of the variance isn't that large... usually within a tenth or two of the desired value.  And often, retyping the desired value will end up sticking.


          I don't have CS4, primarily due to all of the issues I saw coming up here in the forums, so that's the best I can offer at this stage.  CS3 has behaved fairly nicely for me since acquiring (just before they decide it was time to release CS4).  I will hesitate when CS5 erupts as well.