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    Help Configuring PHP Server with new Flex project.




      I'm curious if someone can help me with a frustrating problem.


      While creating a new flex project, I can't seem to validate the configuration of the php server. I keep getting the message: "Cannot access the web server. The server may not be running, or the web root folder or root URL may be invalid."


      I'm running MySQL, PHP and Apache 2.2. These program have worked indepentally without flex, so I know the program isn't with the install of the stack.


      For my web root I entered: "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs" the location where I installed Apache


      And for root url I'm using "http://localhost"


      The other wierd part of this is that even though Flex would not validate this connection, I went ahead and started the project anyway and made a succesful connection to mysql, obviously though when I tried to launch the project it couldn't connect to the server.


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated because flex is pretty much useless to me unless I can figure out how to connect with php and mysql.