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    Controlling Imported MovieClip with gotoAndPlay()

      I have a one-scene, one-frame main document, call Quiz.fla. I have imported an animation movie clip -- Emcee.swf -- using "File->Import to Library". I then drag the Emcee onto the Quiz.fla workspace and name the instance "Emcee".

      I cannot seem to finely control the imported movie clip instance from the main movie clip. Emcee.stop() and Emcee.play() can be invoked properly from the main document, but Emcee.gotoAndPlay("listenStart") is ignored. ("listenStart" is the name of a frame in the imported movie clip.) How can I invoke gotoAndPlay() on the child clip's frame names from the parent clip? What am I missing? (Code example appreciated!)

      Thanks for your help in advance!