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    Insane File Size


      So, I just got Premiere Pro and I started making my first video after watching all the tutorials and everything was going fine.

      Of course there were a few things I couldn't understand or get but I got past them and finished my video.

      I went to export it and I wasn't 100% Sure on how to do it but I started the Encoder and it took quite a while.

      When it was done I took it to YouTube and was gonna post it.

      Now, YouTube is very fast now and I was taking a while so I decided to take a look at the file size and it was 1.6gbs!!!

      1.6 gigs!!! This is only a 7 minute video!


      What the hell happened?

      I went through and looked at all the video I had taken that day with my camera and I came out to be 30 min of footage, about 200 mb.

      I had only used 7 min of that footage and I only had a few ghraphic, all very small and like 2 audio files, songs.

      How the hell did Premiere pro convert 7 min of footage into 1.6 gigs when there was only 200 mb of footage to start with?


      Now heres some details:

      My camera is crap, I dont have very large memory stick so I recorded short clips on a 160w x 120h format. I know, its small.

      When I first started making the video I didn't know what to put as a Preset Sequence so I just set it as a: Mobile & Devices - iPod, QVGA, Sub-QCIF


      I did end up posting my video on Youtube although it took days, its bad too... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfOGHZB5sOU


      Please tell me what I did wrong...


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          shooternz Level 6

          You chose the wrong export settings.


          What were they?

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            xButtersx Level 1

            I didn't know how to explain the export settings, so here I screen capped it for you.


            Original Links:




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              shooternz Level 6

              I am assuming you did not intend to create a "postage stamp" when you exported your project although I can see that you did crop the footage.?


              Why did you crop it?


              Basically... work out what format and size your camera shoots in...then use a Project setting that matches that.   You may need to make some custom settings (adjustments)  if the camera is a bit non standard or does not match the presets project settings available.


              You the need to Export your Project to a format/ size setting that matches the requirements of  whatever ....eg YouTube

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                xButtersx Level 1

                I'm not sure what a "postage stamp" is?


                I cropped it because The video is 160x120 and that video size was much larger, I didn't want the video to show up with huge black borders. (Like it did in the YouTube video)

                First time, I dont know what Im doing


                I couldn't find a preset that goes for 160x120. What should I do about that?

                I think the one I choose may have been the smallest, I'm not 100% sure.


                Would you happen to know what the format/size requirements for YouTube would be?


                Also, let say I did want to change my preset, how would I do that to a project like the one I have where Ima already done editing?

                Or do i have to start a new one?

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Your settings in the screen grabs show us that you had a Project setting that was 640 x 480.

                  It also shows that you exported at 720 x 480


                  You have told us that the camera shoots 160 x120 ( very small...ar you sure this is correct?)


                  So if you pt a little frame into a big frame you wil get a surrounding area ( black)


                  On YouTube your video is a tiny "postage stamp in the middle of a big black frame because of all the mismatched settings.  (Think this  thru...)


                  Matching  everything is the solution ( although your camera  dimension setting is really the start of all your issues)


                  You can customise the Project settings but 160 x 120 aint much to work with.

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                    xButtersx Level 1

                    Yeah, see what happened was I had to make credits for the movie. Like I said before I'm not very good with this yet and I don't understand Titles very well. (I read that titles were how to create credits) and so i did it the cheap way and took to Windows Movie Maker and made credits there. The credits are like 640 x 480. Then, if you notice I have a video with static I pulled from somewhere else. I think thats like 640 x 480 too.


                    So, how would I make my original 160 x 120 video expand to 640 x 480? Hell, better yet, how do I expand video?


                    And I understand what you mean by "Postage Stamp"


                    And would have this black area really cause this to become 1.6 gigs? What causes that?


                    Oh and thanks shooternz, you've been a great help so far.

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                      shooternz Level 6

                      A few factors create the large file size and one of them is the frame dimension.


                      The other is the file type that you export.


                      There are uncompressed file types  (larhe  / huge) and there are very heavily compressed file types (and codecs) that make smaller files from larger ones.


                      Choosing the right one for the end task is important.

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                        xButtersx Level 1

                        Okay, so how to I change the size of the videos? Make the 160 x 120 largers to fit bigger formats.


                        What would be the best file type to use to compress it? I'm really not sure on which ones do what.

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                          shooternz Level 6

                          If you force the tiny little camera image into a bigger format ...you will lose quality so only way is to shoot with a better camera, dimension , format


                          You choose compressions and formats to suit the end use.


                          Example ...read up on what Youtube want then meet that requirement when you export.

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                            xButtersx Level 1

                            I understand it loses quality, but Im not going to go shoot an entire new thing. Is it possible to stretch though? You tube normal stretches stuff already.

                            Okay and what about shrinking other videos, obviously I need to fix the dimension thing and the only way to do that would to be to change the size of the other videos? Mehh

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              The only sensible approach with your source material is to create a new custom sequence with 160x120 resolution and square pixels. Import your existing sequence into this new sequence. That should take care of the video. The credits may need to be adjusted by modifying the titles in the original sequence. Then export to WMV with the same 160x120 resolution, again with square pixels and upload that to YouTube. That way you don't need to crop.

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                                xButtersx Level 1

                                Thanks guys, I took a different way though.


                                So basically, I went through (and since the scale of video was 640 x 480) i scaled all my 160 x 120 footage to 640 x 480, by scaling it 400% and I pretty much did that with all the footage.


                                Shooternz said I should check what YouTube prefers and that was a very good idea, so I made the video in a H.264 format and HEY! Look at that, in the preset it already had a YouTube section. Used a AAC audio format and I didnt have to crop. Tinkered with all the setting until everyting looked good, changed it from NTSC to PAL making the video look way better.


                                In the end it turned out good, only 35mb now and its up and working on YouTube. Sure, its not great of quality, but YouTube stretches it either way, so its the best I could get.


                                Heres the Video if you wanna see what it came to be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mMuW1aooQ0

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                                  Powered by Design Level 4

                                  Download this program:  G-Spot   Its Freeware




                                  It will tell you all about the video file ( size, codec and much much more )


                                  Just click the file path button and point to your video.




                                  That way you know exactly what type of video you are shooting.


                                  The more you know about your video the better you can set up Premiere


                                  Let us know what the findings are


                                  Enjoy:  Glenn

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                                    Jose7822 Level 1

                                    Wow!  Your videos have to be the randomest videos I've seen my whole life.

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                                      xButtersx Level 1

                                      Haha, thanks? It was just my friend and I messing around. I tried to make it look good. Premiere Pro is just fun to use.