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    Needs help with form fields/customization/Acrobat


      I work at a commercial printing company, so we use the graphical Adobe products everyday. One of our customers asked us to set up an online ordering system for Business cards where they would have a static background and the user could set the name, address and phone numbers etc.


      We made a PDF and added the necessary form fields and Voila! Success.


      Too much success apparently!


      Now we have been asked to set up a similar program for customizing posters. The problem is the "base" design of the posters involves a fancy font where the characters and scaling and kerning applied, as well as some of them are rotated at arbitrary angles.


      From what we can tell, Acrobat will let you set fonts and point sizes, but nothing else typographically and for sure you can't rotate anything beyond the standard 90 180 etc.


      We do realize that we may not have the correct product for this purpose.


      General notes - the final product needs to be able to be used by the public and used in reader.


      Any help would be appreciated!


      Joe Brandimore

      Printwell Printing