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    RAM Preview with audio?


      I'm making a music video, so I need to preview with audio to make sure timing is right................Problem is I can't get the RAM preview to render the audio file......I see the audio mu te button in the preview window but it does nothing when toggled on or off.......How do I get it to render the audio?

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Do you get to hear audio if you invoke audio preview (dot key on numeric keypad or Composition > Preview > Audio preview)?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I recommend you check your porefs, whether AE even correctly recognizes your audio devices. if you have multiple outputs available, you may switch them around. The same may apply to your system wide settings. If e.g. you have a video capture card and it is your primary device, it may only correctly initialize when the edit program is loaded, but not AE. In addition turn off any fancies like Virtual Surround or such. The additional audio processing may throw things off track as well. For the audio files themselves, make sure the sound is on tracks 1&2, not 3&4. AE only sees stereo on the first two tracks. You may need to split the audio and import it again. Lastly open the Audio panle and see, if you not just have muted everything....