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    Premier Elements - Rendering AVCHD


      I have been testing a mixture of still photos and an AVCHD movie.  When rendering - the program "stuck" at 89.99% which I suspect is a result of the AVCHD movie.  Has anyone had this happen to them?  If so, do you cancel rendering, or perhaps convert the file to another format.  Looking for some ideas/solutions.  Tony

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          What resolution are your still photos? Premiere Elements can "choke" on oversized photos...you should resize them so that they are nmot much bigger than the frame size of your project.

          Also, how long is the project? It is best to break a long project into smaller pieces, export each piece and join them together in a master project. I wouldn't work on a project over an hour long for AVCHD.

          You say it get's stuck at 89.99% when rendering.. do you mean when exporting the movie or when rendering the timeline? Is there anything obvious at 89.99% into the movie?

          As you say if all else fails there is the option to convert to a format that is easier for Premiere Elements to handle. Are you intending to export your final movie as high definition or standard definition?

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            Haacko Level 1

            Paul - thanks again for your reply.  Photos - 689,000KB, Video 282 meg.  This is only a small version of what I wish to do.  I have set it up as a test to

            1) check new picture size and quality

            2) try editing AVCHD

            3) Test a new microphone I have installed


            I have completed two previous slide shows before.  This is to be my third - I am trying out new ideas learnt before proceeding.  I have also just upgraded to Premier 7 and Elements7.  If I convert the video content - what format would you suggest.  I have Movavi V6 software which should do the job?  Tony

            • 3. Output
              Haacko Level 1

              Paul - outputting to std DVD - Pal - 1280*720.  Tony

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                Paul_LS Level 4

                If you are exporting to standard definition widescreen PAL then it would be best to convert your AVCHD clips to DV-AVI format and work with a standard definition widescreen project preset. You will also want to reduce the resolution of your photos. What is the current resolution? The frame size for PAL widscreen is 1024x576... if you want to do some panning and zooming you will want them a little larger, say 50% larger.

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                • 5. Raw data
                  Haacko Level 1

                  Paul - photos 1493*840  2.8 meg total.  Video - AVCHD 689,000 kb.  When converted to AVI - 58 meg.  Will have around 30-45 minutes of video in the final project.  If I am to convert the AVCHD to another format - what would you recommend?  Tony

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                    Paul_LS Level 4

                    As I mentioned in the post above, if you will finally export to standard definition then the best format for working with PE7 is DV-AVI. So convert to DV-AVI and then work in a standard definition widescreen project.

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                      Haacko Level 1

                      Paul - any limitations to the size of the AVI files in megs?

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                        Paul_LS Level 4

                        If you convert to DV-AVI then it is 13GB per hour of video, 220MB per minute. Other AVI formats are more compressed but will give Premeire Elements issues. In particular audio sync issues and memory resource issues.

                        • 9. Conversion software
                          Haacko Level 1

                          Paul - do you have any preferences for the type of conversion software?

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Not sure if/how it would handle AVCHD material, but DigitalMedia Converter has worked almost 100% for me with all sorts of odd CODEC's. There is a trial version, so it might be worth a look.


                            Good luck,



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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              Prizm Video Converter may also work.


                              Lots of conversion software in the FAQs to the right of this forum.


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                                Paul_LS Level 4

                                Prism software is very good. It can convert AVCHD but can not convert it to widescreen... so you get letterboxed video within a 4:3 frame.


                                The biggest problem is to get a converter that converts from AVCHD to DV-AVI... the software that comes with most AVCHD camcorders will convert to SD MPEG2... not much good for Premiere Elements. I have yet to find a freeware converter. I use Canopus Procoder, unfortunately it is not free.

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                                  Haacko Level 1

                                  Paul - given your experience - am I better to move to a different editing software which will do the job, then start learning the application?  If this is the case - then recommendations?  I am a home user.  Or, are there considerable benefits in sticking with Premier Elements?


                                  I understand if you choose not to answer this question - not the most appropriate questions on this forum.



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                                    Paul_LS Level 4

                                    Unfortunately all current video editors struggle with AVCHD. One thing to try is import your AVCHD files into an AVCHD project and them export them from PE7 as widescreen DV-AVI. So use PE7 to convert them. Then bring them into a PAL Widescreen project and edit them with your photos.

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                                      Haacko Level 1

                                      Paul - I have made some progress


                                      1) I was not bringing all of the 4 files required per movie into a directory.  Fixed


                                      2) Now when rendering using PE 7 getting mixed results.  Occasionally it works, other times in doesn't


                                      3) It usually freezes part way through the process


                                      4) the output is wide screen 48hz


                                      5) just tried wide screen HD 1080 - locked up


                                      Any ideas?  I am using two computers to try and eliminate computer set up issues.


                                      I do hope someone can give me some ideas as to how to progress.  Have done many tests.



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                                        can anybody  recommend a full hd converter?

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                                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                          What are you trying to convert to what, Zone?