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    Pshop or Premiere to unify a series of time lapse stills ?

    envirographics Level 1


      Does Premiere Pro CS3 have an inbuilt ability to unify the appearance of a series of stills taken at varying times throughout the day ?

      I have taken photos on a fixed focal length, from the same position, all on the same shutter speed priority setting, of a scene as a building in it changed over the course of that day.


      I wish to unify their appearance so that in the video I make of them, as I fade from one to the next the building changes but the rest of the scene generally stays constant regards appearance. They were all taken on a digital slr (Canon) in RAW mode.


      What is the best way to do so. Is this a job for Premiere or Photoshop ?

      Is this best dealt with in the RAW converter Pshop window prior to conversion to tiff ?


      A step by step explanation is ideally sought if Premiere, as opposed to 'use the *&^% tool' .


      I have asked over at Pshop for a method should it be that program I need to use.


      This could be of use for anyone doing timelapse stills.


      I will align these in Photoshop as a psd file as layers taking solid features that remained visible throughout as my alignment reference points, then crop to a suitable size to encompass all bearing in mind the proportion required for the video format and resize to a suitable video making resolution then get them into Premiere and fade between them.


      I have Windows Pshop CS2 and awaiting installation is CS4. I also have Premiere Pro CS3