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    [CS4, VB Windows] How do I script a baseline shift for a character?

    Michael F Walker

      I am to position a dot under a character, and the horizontal shifting I can manage. Baseline shift looks like the right way to position vertically, but I do not know how to make this work. The relevant part of the scritp is as follows:


      myInDesign.FindTextPreferences.AppliedCharacterStyle = "Spec"
            myInDesign.ChangeTextPreferences.Position = idOTSubscript
            myInDesign.ChangeTextPreferences.BaselineShift = -0.75
            myInDesign.FindTextPreferences.FindWhat = "."
            myInDesign.ChangeTextPreferences.Position = idNothing
            myIndesign.ChangeGlyphPreferences.BaseLineShift = 0


      The result is no baseline shift. How do I fix this?