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    Linux (Ubuntu 9.04 - 64Bit) - Brightcove Video Player Problem


      I don't know if you know about the Flash video player Brightcove. When I try to watch videos using that player the videos just won't start. For instance you can try the Training videos here:



      The problem is that it shows the loading sign at the lower right corner of the video screen but it just won't start and the debug info shows: "Detected Bandwidth: Not able to detect"

      Btw.: I already tried two different browsers under Linux: Firefox and Epiphany and both have that issue. If I try it over the Internet Explorer by using VirtualBox (maybe also by using Wine - I haven't tested the later yet though) it works just fine.



      Furthermore, I created a Jira-Account in order to report that bug and also activated it but I can't log in: I get the message: "You do not have a permission to log in. If you think this is incorrect, please contact the administrators."

      However, though the administrators are listed, no contact possibilities are listed.