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    Managing Blank Fields in Search Form


      I am trying to create an advanced search form to filter a recordset of events, so that I can search through these events based on parameters such as category, time, date, place, etc. Right now, because I'm new at this, I have been trying to create a filter with only two parameters, category and price. 'Category' is the first field in the form and 'price' is the second field in the form, followed by fields for time and location. When I search by category, the search works fine. When I search by category and price, only the category parameter works, and it doesn't filter by price. When I search only by price, the recordset comes up as blank. Does this have something to do with fields in the form being left empty or do empty fields have no effect on the search. When I test my query statement on my SQL query browser, it works fine, so I don't think that's the problem. Any help would be appreciated.