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    Erase a Shadow....Mask a Shadow?




      This is a movie shoot in 35mm that im now Trying to fiz in After Effects..


      If u take a look at this jpeg file


      Scene-20090619183518-01 (0-00-28-22).jpg

      juts in the upper right, near the curtains and the pictures, u can see a shadow from the micro suspended by the sond assistante.. The camera pans to the right and the actress moves in that direction. The shadow apears at this moment to dissapear before she gets in front of it witch mean its only 20 frames to deal with...


      Because i am new to having ideas on what to do i though i coul export a frame withotu the sadow, track the motion, only the position, and place a mask at that spot... that went very wrong of course... then i thoug of exportinf the 20 frames with shadow to photosop and dill with it there so i could inport again to after... but, i mean.. if it where also a moving, but instead of 20 frames, 20 seconds how could i do it..


      i also know the vector paint effect.. but first i dont know if that feature helps and second how it works..


      i hopo somebody knows about any video tutorial i could watch or any solution i could try..


      thank you,