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    Maintaining editable state in multiple cells on datagrid

    missscreant Level 1

      I'm looking to create a component, (and from the tutorials i've read, i imagine a datagrid would be best) where i can change multiple cells, keep them in an editable state (visual reminder of changes made as well as functionally editable) - and to then flush the changes through with a keystroke - just hitting return basically. the component would be recieving push data through httpservices/webservices, and the user will send adjustments back, usually multiple changes at once. i've looked at item renderers, but that seems to control more the format/appearance of a component than its functions?

      Is this possible to do in flex? i'm assessing alongside gwt, and trying to figure just how lowlevel the customisation can go in flex. any ideas/tutorials/examples would be very much appreciated, cheers!