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    Boris FX 9.2.1 crashes PP/CS4

    jdmoor Level 1

      Anyone using Boris FX 9.2.1 successfully?   Mine installs without problems, shows up in 3rd Party/ Video Filters & Transitions and I can apply it to a clip.  But when I click on "Custom" in the Effects Window to actually set up my Transition, it crashes PPro.   I've looked a their website, got the 9.2.1 update, but it still crashes PPro.


      Any ideas?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Have you tried to modify the properties of the program to run in XP SP2 compatibility mode only?

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            jdmoor Level 1

            OK Harm,


            I give up ... i've searched the BorisFX site and I can't find anything about this .. i've looked through every option in the program and can't find anything.  I've installed the latested update ver 9.2.1 .. I'm running Vista x64 w/8Gig RAM.


            I did find this:

            My Boris FX/Graffiti/RED plug-in is installed into Premiere Pro, but when I attempt to launch the plug-in, Premiere Pro crashes. The Boris product launches fine in standalone mode from the Start menu.

            This problem is usually associated with the OpenGL resources of your graphics card. To rectify the problem, close Adobe Premiere Pro, go into your C:\WINDOWS folder, and delete your Boris preference file. If your Windows is set to view extensions for known file types (accessible under Tools>Folder Options in the View tab), then you should find a file with an .ini extension to match your installed Boris product...

            • Boris RED: 'BorisRED4.1.ini', 'BorisRED4.2.ini' or 'BorisRED4.3.ini'
            • Boris FX: 'BorisFX9.1.ini', 'BorisFX9.2.ini' or 'BorisFX9.3.ini'
            • Boris Graffiti: 'Graffiti5.1.ini', 'Graffiti5.2.ini' or 'Graffiti5.3.ini'

            Delete this file. Next, go here and download the 'OpenGL Off .ini' file for your Boris product. Download and Unzip the file and upload the file into the C:\WINDOWS folder where the old .ini file was.  Important Note: A large number of Boris FX 9.1, Graffiti 5.1 and RED 4.1 discs have been shipped. Because of this, the .ini files on the website are for Boris FX 9.1, Graffiti 5.1 and RED 4.1. If you are using a later version of the Boris software, you will need to rename this .ini file to match the current version you are running. For example, if you're running Boris RED 4.3, rename the file from 'BorisRED4.1.ini� to 'BorisRED4.3.ini'.


            Which by-the-way, I've already done with no change .. still crashes PPro/CS4.   


            Well, I thought i'd look one more place before I hit the submitt button ... here's an interesting thing.  Note the bold FX version listed ... now for the kicker .. that's not in the downloads section. 

            Premiere Pro CS4 for Windows

            • Continuum Complete - version 6
            • Final Effects Complete - version 5.x
            • RED - version 4.3.x
            • FX - version 9.3.x
            • Graffiti - version 5.3.x
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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I noticed that too, but that was early may. I would have thought they corrected it by now, but obviously not.