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    MAJOR differences in FF vs Safari rendering

    richardELeach Level 1

      Hi All-


      I know I'm a noobie with Flex so I appreciate your patience.


      I'm going through various exercises (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/fcf_master_detail_print.html) to familiarize myself with Flash Builder 4.


      I'm on Mac OSX version 10.5.7.


      I checked the versions of Flash in both Firefox and Safari. They report the same version number, "You have version 10,0,22,87 installed".


      I'm running FireFox and Safari version Version 4.0 (5530.17).


      The sample code that I'm working with contains a DataGrid control. I'm getting drastically different behaviors when I run my code in FF and in Safari.


      Most of the added properties, attributes and behaviors that I modify, tweak, or change in the datagrid control simply do not appear in FF. I ALWAYS have to shift+reload to get the most recent version of my Flex code to appear or it simply runs the cached version even though it opens a new window every time I run the app from Flash Builder 4. For example, I've modified the rollOverColor from within the Design view of Flash Builder 4, saved the changes and run the app. The behavior simply will not work in FF, but immediately appears as expected in Safari. Other, similar behaviors are happening as well.


      On the contrary, EVERY TIME I run the app from Flash Builder 4 in Safari I get returned the expected results. There are no caching issues and the latest version of my code appears, and it's validating my expecatations on how the Flex code should work.


      Is this a know issue? I've restarted FF several times already and have cleared the cache, this does not help the problem.


      Thanks in advance,



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          tinylion_uk Level 2

          With FF i always find that it's best, once i tested a build to close the browser and let the new build open it again. That way i always seem to get the correct version. I have had cache issues a year or so ago, but they seem to have stopped now.


          Are you running the new build from eclipse or loading it via opening the browser yourself?


          Have you set-up the different browser inside of eclipse/builder in the preferences? ie, gone and added all your browsers in Fb prefs and then selected which you'd like the new build to be run inside of?

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            CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

            I have FF 3.0.6 on Mac and I'm not running into this issue.


            Are you using the stock html template that comes with Flex?


            In any event, what you are seeing used to be a common issue with FF.  Some would workaround by modifying their HTML template to always use a random URL param so that the browser will be forced to reload the SWF.


            e.g. If your HTML template uses swfobject, look for the embedSWF line and change the first argument to something like:








            "myswf.swf" + "?nocache="+(new Date()).getTime()


            Maybe also try upgrading FF and resetting your preferences to the default..maybe something changed along the way that's causing this caching behavior.




            Corey Lucier