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    Why are my exported movies doubling in size?


      Hello everyone, hopefully someone here can help me with this problem.


      What happens is this; Say my source footage is 750MB. After I've edited it and it starts exporting to my HDD, the finished film is always around double of what the source footage was, so that 750MB footage becomes a giant 1.5GB film. (The camera I use is a Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH1. I typically record at 720P 30fps, since I post these movies on youtube)


      This is obviously a big problem. Not only is it more data to store, but it takes far longer to upload these online, and many sites have an upload limit of 1GB, so I almost always have to use another program to compress it down, and I'm sick of having to do this all the time.


      My best guess is that I had a setting wrong, but after tinking with a couple things, it made no difference. Then I wondered if the preset I was using made any difference, since I've never been sure which one I should use, since there isn't one for 720P.


      I haven't been using PE7 very long, and I'm still very new to this and video editing in general (I used WMM beforehand), so I really have no idea what could be causing this.


      Any help is greatly appreciated,


      Thank you.