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    Best Quality uprez  for DV SD to 720p HD ?

    don solomon Level 1

      I have a valued client who wants me to edit a pile of NTSC dv footage into 720 p HD, and he wants maximum quality.  I would like to  do that in CS4, but my software of  choice, Topaz Enhance, doesn't work in PPro or AE CS4, and I don't want to go back to CS3 where it will run to do that work and then have to import it all into CS4 to do the editing. I usually pass on SD to HD work, but this client is important to me.  So, I  agrred to do it, not realizing that Topaz had not upgraded Enhance to work with CS4 yet.


      Is there any software that will do the job in CS4 at the same level of quality as Topaz? Any suggestion welcome. TIA