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    Flash Catalyst swf won't load as external swf

      I'm loving Flash Catalyst since the beta app came out. I've transformed several design's into flash components with great ease. But when I try to use the swf Flash Catalyst spits out as an external movieclip, it wont load. It loads just fine in the html doc but not when I try to load it with a flash CS4 swf.
      I don't have the slightest idea what to look for in the actionscript FC wrights, so is there a way to make it work or can I consider this a real bug?
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          Matt Cannizzaro

          The swfs that Flash Catalyst generates use the Flex framework and can't be used as standalone movie clips. If you'd like to use a componet that you've made in FC along with something you've created in Flash Authoring, I would recommend importing your FC project into Flash Builder and then loading your swf from Flash Authoring into the Flex project. When you do this, the Flex runtime will be available to the components you've made in FC and everything ought to work properly.