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    Resynching with Illustrator


      After importing an Illustrator comp into Catalyst and converting artwork to buttons and making all of the transitions, I changed the Illustrator .ai file to modify text instead of clicking on the text area in Catalyst and then right-clicking to Edit in Illustrator.  I cannot now edit the rich text.  If I Edit in Illustrator from Catalyst, nothing happens (Illustrator does not change to the FXG display allowing me to change the text).  If I close Illustrator, Catalyst does not try to start Illustrator.  If I start Illustrator and open the .ai, Catalyst still won't allow editing.  It doesn't seem to create an FXG back to Illustrator.


      Any suggestions?  I don't want to reimport from scratch again just to edit the text.  Thought there might be a temp file somewhere that I could remove and Catalyst would rebuild... I'm thinking that the workaround is to delete the imported text and just create a new text block using the Catalyst text tool.  

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          ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee

          I'm not totally sure what's going on but editing the original AI file shouldn't cause any problems with trying to use the round trip "Edit in Illustrator" functionality in Catalyst. But that doesn't seem to be working for you. Is that right?


          In that case you could either try coping and pasting that text directly from Illustrator to Catalyst or use the text tool as you mentioned before.




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            acath Level 4



            Ryan and I are having a hard time understanding your post. Could you rephrase it in terms of concrete steps, like:


            1) I imported an AI file (attach the AI file, if possible!)

            2) I want to change the text.

            3) I went back into Illustrator and opened the original file


            etc, etc. We're a bit slow =).