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    how to use a custom component in the same app?


      Hey guys,


      Regardless of my facename, I am fairly new to flex. I have worked a lot in Javascript and am wondering what the best way to organize things under flex is.


      There is one form throughout my flex application, which contains a bunch of inputs and combos. Of course, I want to write it in a reusable fashion. so I wrote XyzWindowUtil.as and XyzWindow.mxml in a package called net.xyz.widgets. My app mxml is located at the src folder. When I try to use it in mx:Application by writing <ns2:XyzWindow/>, it says "Could not resolve <ns2:XyzWindow> to a component implementation. "  ns2 is the namespace xmlns:ns2="net.xyz.widgets.*".


      Did I do anything wrong? I could make it work by dragging them to the src folder. However, I just don't think it's a good idea to organize things. Any comment or help would be appreciated!!