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    Scroll down when new text is added + notifyUser()


      Using: Adobe Director 11


      I created a chat application, but when I write a message it puts the message at the end of the field. But when the scrollbar appeares you have to scroll yourself to see the new message. I want this to be automated. (For example: WLM/MSN)


      Now, I found this article wich was very nice, but it did not work...




      Why did it not work? Because I'am using a flash-component Text Area. I have my reasons to work with a flash-component.
      Can anyone help me out please? I just want it to scroll down when a new message is added.


      Code to add new text to the chat:
      sprite(9).text = sprite(9).text & "<i>" & chatname & " says:</i>"
      sprite(9).text = sprite(9).text & "- " & message


      Sprite 9 = chatwindow


      It's just like:


      Me says:
      - Message 1




      Can anyone also help with the script to notify the user of a new message (like msn):


      window("miaw").notifyUser(-1, 10000)
      _player.notifyUser(-1, 10000)


      Does not work...
      What is the name of the window when I just open a projector? The projector itself is not opening other windows...