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    Bending a non-vector layer

    sarucci Level 1

      Hi. I've got a problem for the life of me I can't find a solution for. I want to bend a layer in a curved shape as if it's on a conveyor belt coming around a corner. I know if you have a vector layer like text you can have it follow a path and it will bend with the path. But with my pixel layer I can make it follow the path but finding an effect to bend it seems impossible. I've literally tried every effect that plausibly could do this.


      Page curl looks right but won't bend the way I want it (I've experimented extensively).

      Mesh warp would do it if I spent half my life on it.

      Cylinder can make the curve, but not straighten it out.

      Nothing under distort seems to quite do what I want.


      Here's a more detailed explanation of the animation:


      I have a null object creating a path in 3D space. The path starts screen left far off in the distance (z), comes toward you, curves and moves screen left to screen right, then curves and moves away from you to the screen right. It makes an arc with rounded corners. If you looked at the top view and zoomed way out this path would be the shape of the end of a bullet.


      So I have my object following the null object. Then I turn it's y axis so it's in perspective with the path. When it gets to the curve, I have it rotate around on y so it's facing flat forward as it moves left to right. This all works fine. But instead of simply rotating with the path, I'd like it to bend around the path. The way the picture bends around the NASDAQ sign in Times Square. But it has to animated, flat-bend-flat.


      Anyone done this or know of an effect that will? Thanks a ton for any help proffered.