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    problem exporting data from secured form



      I made a form in Livecycle 9.0 and am distributing it through Acrobat Pro 9.0 - using Acrobat.com's form distribution application - in several cycles to see how varying the levels of security of the form will affect users (the folks who will be filling out the forms), once they get the forms.  I want to see how many passwords they have to enter, what they can do, what they cannot do with the form..  I've been sending unsecured and secured forms out, to test.


      The problem I have now is, when I receive my permissions protected, secured forms back, I cannot EXPORT the data.  Both  the "Export" and "Archived" buttons are greyed out, and even when I remove the security settings from File--> Portfolio Properties, nothing changes.

      I'm locked out of the collected data!


      It's easy to export data from unsecured response forms (without permissions protection), but I would prefer to limit the amount of manipulation users can do to the forms (aside from commenting, filling them out, and signing them). 


      The secured forms perform great on the Acrobat Reader - user (form-filler) end, restricting printing, modifying text, etc,  but they return to me in Acrobat Pro inert.  I'm completely stumped to how I can get data out of them. I would sure appreciate any help!