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    How to get pics off of adobe .pdf file for emailing.(mac computer)


      What happened: I got copy place to scan 8.5x11 pages that had 2-3pics on each. They scanned in as .pdf file which I open with Adobe reader and see 8 pages of several pics on each page. I'd like to be able to drag or copy off pics from these pages so I can email to others, but I cannot find out how to do this. I saw under the readers TOOLS the submenu of "select and zoom" and submenu "snapshot tools" and tried that and it shows "the selected area has been copied", then what do I do? I try going into email program (mac computer and using Thunderbird email) and the "paste" is greyed out. I try opeining iPhoto and same greyed out PASTE option. WHEre can I paste it to after using that? It won't go to desktop either. Is there any other Adobe program that will make this work on a Mac computer? Thanks ahead for ALL help!

      Adobe Reader vs 9.1.2

      Mac OS 10.4.11

      Thunderbird email vs