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    Help With Dynamically Linking Premiere With After Effects


      Recently, I edited some video footage in Adobe Premiere, dynamically linked it with After Effects, and added several effects and transitions within the latter application. However, after I thoroughly finished with my effects editing, I wished to place my After Effects Composition once more into Premiere, but this task met to no avail.


      Whenever I copied, dragged, or dynamically linked the After Effects project into Premiere, the footage showed up displaying either "Media Offline" or a series of colors that you sometimes see when a tv channel is offline. Now, I did read several posts describing the dynamic link as being only ONE WAY, but is there no possible way to move my After Effects composition back into Premiere? Or do I have to start from scratch by copying the Premiere footage into After Effects, THEN dynamically linking it to Premiere?


      Any help would be hugely appreciated!