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    bottons in a clip issue




      I have created a drop menu out of a clip. In this menu i got several bottons pointing to a frame on my root. As the mouse passes over the botton the menu drops down and as i move out of the click zone, the menu dissapears. So far so good... the problem I've encountered is that my click zone has to be uner my botton or else my botton doesn't works. By doing so, as i scroll my mouse over the botton, I move out of the click zone. So I've added an _over status to my botton to force it to stay open.


           function mediapho(e:MouseEvent):void {
                gotoAndStop(4);} ------> (4 being the frame with the open menu)


      Now the problem that I encounter is that every time I pass from one botton to the other, the menu reload so all the bottons dissapears and reapears. Plus, the over status of my botton does work anymore.