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    Sound Cutting Out when Playing Back AVCHD

    BrianReyman Level 1

      I just installed Premiere Pro 4.1 on a new, very fast PC, and am now having trouble playing back AVCHD footage from my Canon HF-100. The ironic thing is that the video is playing smoothly - the problem is with the sound. The clip will play and all is good for 2-10 seconds. Then, without warning, the sound stops. The video continues playing fine. If I line up multiple clips on the timeline, the first few seconds of each play fine and then the sound stops until the CTI gets to the next clip.


      I've tried it in the media browser and on the timeline (with all the proper settings) and it does it. I've edited footage from the same camera in the past on other computers without problem.


      Any ideas on what could fix this?


      Windows Vista 64-bit, AVCHD from CAnon HF-100, Premiere Pro 4.1.