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    CR2 files not recognized by CS3

    Rene Thal

      Dear all, your help is appreciated to sove the above problem:


      Camera: Canon PS SX1IS

      Tried: Searching for Camera Raw plug ins, but cannot find a thing on Adobe Labs, all CS4 focused.

      Tried also: To convert them to .dng, won't recognize either.

      Location of CR2's: On my Windows computer, can view them with Canon Zoom Browser and Picasa 3, but that's it.


      Does anyone know how to conver them as a copy (leaving the CR2 file as original for 'better days') into a currently usable form (JPEG or similar)?


      Not yet ready to upgrade to CS4, or a serious RAW photo future, but may ask the question anyway:


      Where is the best place to purchse CS4, extended version? My location (probably does not matter) is AUS (QLD).


      Cheers Rene