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    Color channel conversion

    Joe ... Ward Level 4
      Does each color channel in a Pixel Bender pixelx (or floatx) value have 32-bits? Or is it 32-bit total, with 8-bits per channel? (When used in Flash.)

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          And the follow up question is, do Flash Player images have 32-bits per channel (internally), or 32-bits per pixel. At the ActionScript API level, you only have access to 8-bits per channel, so is the internal representation larger? If I run two kernels on a Flash object in series, will I lose precision over combining the filter operation into a single kernel?
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            Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
            According to Tinic in Flash, Pixel Bender processing is done in 32 bpc. Bitmaps in Flash are stored as 8-bit ARGB with Alpha pre-multiplied. Conversion to/from 8-bit is done on the way in and out. So with FP 10, there would be a conversion back to 8bpc in between two shaders and it might be better to combine them depending on what you are doing.