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    Wacom Express Keys

    Stuart Haiz Level 1

      I've got 3 minutes of footage shot with a camera which has created a luminous green speck. Footage is of a chiropractor with a client and was filmed without a tripod so I'm having to clone this out frame-by-frame.


      I'm having to use multiple clone source points as I move through the frames and wonder if there is any way to set an Intuous 3 tablet key to advance to the next frame, just to save me moving the extra few inches back to the keyboard every time?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Honestly no clue. At the moment I have no tablet at all, so I don't know the specifics of the Wacom control panel software. Since it is however tied to Ctrl+left arrow/Ctrl+right arrow, it may not be possible to use directly. It's not utterly impossible, though. Using Jeff Almasols KeyEdUp script from the Adobe Exchange pages you should be able to change AE's internal shortcut for this or assign a secondary one and then be able to use those keys on the Wacom. If the script for some reason doesn't work, manually editing your AE shortcut file's ["CCompTime"] section will contain all the relevant key info.



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            I have my Wacom tablet set so that two of the buttons in the corner are mapped to Page Up and Page Down, which move the current-time indicator one frame froward or backward in the timeline. Instructions for remapping these buttons are in the Wacom documentation.

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              Stuart Haiz Level 1

              Thanks guys for the suggestions.


              Mylenium - I couldn't sort out the script but Todd, that got it working for me!


              For anyone else, page 53 on the Intuous 3 manual tells you how to set it up. After you add your application to the tablet (in System Prefs) select Keystroke from the drop menu and name them whatever you want; page up/down or back/forward.