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    Warning message when entries might be parsed incorrect

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      A warning message when entries might have some errors would be great.


      I had great troubles finding out, why some of my decimalfields changed their input number. A simple warning message when the user entries might get invalid due to overstepping the limits would ensure that the creator is aware that the number entried into his field will be valid/could get invalid range.


      (I thought something like that, but couldn't even find the limits of digits which don't cause problems in the German instructions. ... These are lacking in some parts too.)

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          I decided to write it in here... since I didn't want to start a new thread.


          The number formats are different in some countries.

          Here we have 100.000.000,99 in our neighbouring country the same pattern is 100,000,000.99

          Livecycle handles both because it can be set to look up the scheme used in the country and language of the user.


          That's quite cool. It gets a bit uncool if it's overgiven to another programm since the other programm can't look up the nation the user and their scheme anymore. So how to tell the difference between 999,999 and 999.999? It is possible to use only one format (each country accepts only a "." or a "," as a comma). But then one of the two countries would have to enter the numbers in another countries scheme... (and they probably will get mad if they can't do their own scheme).


          A solution would be to let the user enter it in their own scheme and overgive them fixed to the scheme of one country. It's possible to tiptoe around that problem... But it would be much easier if the overgiven pattern language could set to be of a fixed country while the entering patterns may be of the users scheme. It would have saved me quite some time fixing this... (and I can't imagine that all in here who make forms for international use think about this.)


          Another thing I would have appreciated would have been if I could check out the country and language the user uses (like those fields do) to be able to make multilingual forms that will automatically show up in the users language.


          Thanx for reading